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October 16th, 2001 Meeting Minutes  

Tuesday, October 16, 2001
Inn Suites Hotel & Resort
Tucson, AZ


1. Roll Call

Cheryl Jones
Jim Kennedy
Jim Goodbar
Ron Kerbo
Heather Garland
Jim Miller
Bob Currie
Not Present:
(George Huppert)
Roger McClure
Rane Curl
Gary Berdeaux
Proxies Accepted:
Bob Currie
Pat Kambesis
Mike Warner

B. Recognition of guests (see list at end)

II. Minutes of the June, 2001 meeting were approved

III. Reports

A. Cheryl Jones: Chairman's report

1. NCKMS Logos
Designs submitted were determined to not possess all the desired features for a NCKMS logo.
Kennedy moved: The search for a NCKMS logo will be widely announced again. The desired specifications for designs include:
The logo should be...
1. Fairly simple and easily reproduced in a range of sizes and formats
2. Attractive when reproduced in color or in black and white
3. Easily recognizable
The logo should...
1. Speak to/represent cave and karst resources
2. Convey the concept of cave and karst management (we realize this is the most challenging of our requests)
3. Address both surface and subsurface resources
4. Incorporate the text: National Cave and Karst Management Symposium
Deadline for contributions will be March 1, 2002
Goodbar seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.

2. Awards
Awarding certificates of appreciation will wait until we have a logo.

3. Past Proceedings on CD
This may be a project for the future, since each copy would have to be scanned. Beginning with the 2003 Symposium, Proceedings will be issued on CD as well as a hard copy.

4. Enhancing symposium attendance/marketing
Efforts should be made to increase symposium attendance by drawing in professionals who encounter, manage, or contend with cave and karst resource in their jobs.
-Al Krause will look into the possibility of the NCKMS linking with the state and federal agencies and organizations requiring symposium attendance for certification of professionals. First step will be the EPA and Florida state certification of professionals linked to karst management.
-Al Krause will also focus on marketing the 2003 NCKMS through University, and hydrological organizations web sites. Information and links to the NCKMS sites will be provided to these organizations, and visa versa.
-The NKCMS Steering Committee should set up and maintain a web site.
-A list of contacts should be passed on from symposium to symposium, so that they may be sent information directly

5. 1999 NCKMS Proceedings Status
Tom Rea has taken over the job of Editor. His wife has been very sick, so the deadline of this symposium has been missed. Tom expects the Proceedings to be out early in the New Year.

B. Jerry Trout: 2001 NCKMS
-Jerry Trout will provide a list of NCKMS organizational and management suggestions and ideas to the hosts of the 2003 Symposium, and to this committee.
-Attendance: 151 people are registered
-Pre-registration: 80-90 people
-The 2001 Proceedings will be dedicated to George Huppert.

C. Death of a Friend
George Huppert, pioneer in cave and karst management and good friend to speleology, was killed in a car accident en route to the 2001 Symposium.
George was the ACCA representative on the NCKMS Steering Committee.
The Committee asked the Chairman to send a live plant and card from the committee to George's wife, Betty Wheeler.
(Cards were written to Betty Wheeler and to Dave Foster, Executive Director of ACCA, and signed by each member of the committee. Thanks to Mike Warner and Speleobooks for donating the cave scene note cards used. A flowering Christmas Cactus was sent to Betty Wheeler the week of the Symposium)

IV. Old Business

A. Selection of 2003 (and 2005) Symposium bid:

1. National Park Service: Hawaii. Ron Kerbo
Interest by all necessary NPS officials in hosting the 2003 Symposium is not confirmed. The NPS may offer a bid at the 2002 Steering Committee meeting for hosting the 2005 Symposium

2. NSS Cave Diving Section: Florida: Michael Poucher
Jim Goodbar moves: The bid by the NSS Cave Diving Section to host the 2003 Symposium is accepted.
Jim Miller seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.
The event will be held Gainesville Florida. Date to be announced ASAP.

V. New Business

A. Scholarship Committee

1) Kerbo moves: A scholarship committee is created to review applications and select those to be awarded symposium scholarships, and manage the scholarship program.
Jim Goodbar seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.
The Chairman selected members of the Scholarship Committee:
Jim Goodbar
Jim Kennedy
Jim Miller
Ron Kerbo
Bob Currie

2) Bob Currie moves: The NCKMS Scholarship Program will be named the George N. Huppert Scholarship Program.
Jim Kennedy seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Announcements

A. Jim Kennedy briefed the Committee on the upcoming cave gating symposium. The Steering Committee is sponsoring the event, to be held March 4-6, 2003. Bob Currie thanked the Steering Committee for its support of the project.
B. Heather Garland, Tennessee chapter of The Nature Conservancy, is replacing Gabby Call as TNC representative on the Steering Committee.

VII. Future Meetings

A. Tuesday, June 25, 2002
NSS Convention
Camden, Maine

VIII. Adjourn

A. Meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm.


Sandy Trout
Brian Sokofsky
Jerry Trout
Michael Poucher
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Albert Krause
Roberta Serface
Bruce Bowman
David Ek
Doug Medville
Jeff Bray
Gabby Call
Gary Moss
Hazel Medville
Lindsay McClelland
Mike Wiles
Joel Despain
Tom Banis
Sue McCready
John Roth
Elizabeth Miller
Rick Toomey
George Veni
USFS - 2001 NCKMS Co-Chair
USFS - 2001 NCKMS Chair
NSS Cave Diving Section
Escabrosa Grotto
NSS Conservation Committee
IN Karst Conservancy, NSS
NSS, Hawaii Speleological Survey
WV Cave Conservancy
Project Underground, NSS
Escabrosa Grotto
NPS - Oregon Caves
CRF, AZ State Parks
NSS (add Texas Speleological Survey)

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