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  Meeting Minutes Meeting Agenda  
October 14th, 2003 Meeting Minutes  

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
5:00 pm
Gainesville, Florida


I. Roll Call

Jim Kennedy
Jim Goodbar
Heather Garland
Ron Kerbo
Robert Currie
Cheryl Jones
Rane Curl
Dave Foster
Gary C. Berdeaux
Roger McClure
Jim Miller

Acceptance of proxy(ies)

Mike Warner for Rare Curl - KWI
Bill Elliot for Dave Foster - ACCA
Pat Seizer for Roger McClure - CRF
Ransom Turner for Jim Miller - USFS

Recognition of Guests

Gary Moss NSS
Julia Germany Texas Speleological Association
Ken Hill NSS Cave Diving Section
Mike Poucher NSS Cave Diving Section, 2003 NCKMS Chairman
Steve Omeroid NSS Cave Diving Section, 2003 NCKMS Treasurer
Judy Omeroid NSS Cave Diving Section
Sandra Poucher NSS Cave Diving Section
Carol Zokaites Project Underground

Approval of minutes of the August 5, 2003, meeting.
Ron Kerbo moved, Bob Currie second.
Vote Unanimous.


Cheryl Jones: Chairman's report

A corrected and digital copy of FY02-03 Financial Report has not yet been received from the National Speleological Foundation.

Mike Poucher: 2003 NCKMS update.
54 have registered as of this meeting. (71 Pre-registrations, 4 walk-ins)
All going well

Mike Warner: 2005 NCKMS update
Dates set: October 31 - November 4, 2005. This is the week with no apparent conflicts with events that would attract NCKMS attendees.

Mike Warner: 2004 National Cave Conservancies Forum

April 15-17, in Lewisburg WV
Interest is very high, and a good attendance is expected.

Doug Marchant: NCKMS Web site

Report attached

Bob Currie: Scholarship Committee

Scholarships awarded to the four applicants who applied prior to the deadline. Six applications were received after the deadline. One awardee could not attend due to delays and obstacles in obtaining a US visa.
For 2005: Change deadline to August 15, and notification to September 1. Add a section to the Scholarship Web page to list scholarship recipients for every year.

Jim Goodbar: Progress report: Opportunities and options for the NCKMS Steering Committee to support programs that will provide cave and karst management experience and training for potential future cave and karst managers. (As per motion passed at August 2003 meeting) Jim has made some inquiries and would like to get potential interested parties together to discuss further.


Warner moves: The NCMKS Steering Committee will sponsor the 2004 National Cave Conservancies Forum, administered by The West Virginia Cave Conservancy, with a contribution of $250. The funds will be used for publication expenses.
Second: Jim Kennedy
Vote: Unanimous
Passed p> Future Meetings

Tuesday, July 13, 2003
NSS Convention
Marquette, Michigan

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.


Webmaster Report
To the NCKMS Steering Committee

October 9, 2003
Douglas Marchant

TO: NCKMS Steering Committee

Since the August meeting I have made a few changes to the site and prepared for future changes also.

Added the proceedings of the 2001 NCKMS in pdf format

Received and prepared to add the 1997 NCKMS proceedings in pdf format

Created new link graphics for the 2005 NCKMS and History pages

Prepared secure access for Mike Warner to build 2005 NCKMS website at nckms.org

Prepared History page that will include the timeline linked only on the main page as well as links to previous NCKMS symposia websites archived on nckms.org.

The change in links will occur at the same time as the appearance of the 2005 NCKMS site so this will be dependent on when Mike Warner is ready to go live.


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