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July 24th, 2001 Meeting Minutes  

Tuesday, July 24, 2001
Mount Vernon, KY

The meeting was called to order at 9:15am, July 24, 2001.

Prior to conducting Committee business, a presentation was given on the Samcheok International Cave Expo Korea 2002 (March-June 2002) by Kyung Sik Woo, Director of Cave Research Institute of Korea (woo@koreacave.org). Steering Committee members were invited to participate by setting up exhibits at the Expo. Information may be found at http://www.caveexpo.or.kr

I. Roll Call

Jim Miller, USFS
Ron Kerbo, NPS
Gary Berdeaux, NCA
Rane Curl, KWI
George Huppert, ACCA
Roger McClure, CRF
Cheryl Jones, NSS

Gabby Call, TNC
Jim Goodbar, BLM
Robert Currie, F&WS
Jim Kennedy, BCCI

A. The following written proxies were accepted.

Heather Garland for Gabby Call (TNC)
Peg Sorensen for Jim Goodbar (BLM)
Ron Kerbo for Robert Currie (F&WS)

B. Guests were introduced, including

Bill Stringfellow, 1999 Symposium Treasurer
David Jagnow, NSS Board of Governors
Hazel Medville, NSS Government Agency Liaison
Jerry Trout, 2001 Symposium Chairman
Janet Thorne, National Speleological Foundation
Jim Werker, NSS Conservation Division
Mike Adams, Mammoth Cave National Park
Pat Seiser, NSS, CRF
Richard Wallace, NSS
Sandy Trout, NPS, 2001 Symposium staff
Scott Sweet, Dayton Underground Grotto
Steve Ormeroid, NSS Cave Diving Section
Val Hildreth-Werker, NSS Conservation Division
Zelda Chapman-Bailey, National Cave and Karst Research Institute

II. Minutes of the June 2000 meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

III. Reports

A. Steering Committee Financial Report (attached): Cheryl Jones

1. A $2,000 advance has been paid to the 2001 Symposium Treasurer directly from the 1999 Symposium bank account.
2. Rob Stitt still owes the Steering Committee $1201.63 surplus from the 1997 Symposium. Efforts to collect this money have been unsuccessful so far.
3. The 1999 Symposium is retaining the remaining $2,000 advance until the Proceedings have been published.
4. $1800 was withdrawn from the NCKMS account with the NSF and sent to the 2001 Symposium to provide funding for the scholarship program.

B. 1999 NCKMS Proceedings Status and Financial Report (attachments A and B): Bill Stringfellow

1. Tom Rea has graciously taken over the job of Editor of the 1999 Proceedings. These are now due out by the 2001 Symposium.

C. 2001 NCKMS (report attached): Jerry Trout

1. 14 presentations have been pledged. Efforts will not be made to obtain a significant number of papers, but rather allow more time for sessions, reduce the need to offer more than one session at a time, and to allow round-table/panel discussions.
2. The symposium will offer a single field trip to Kartchner Caverns on Wednesday, which is included in the registration cost.
3. Efforts at obtaining assistance from the local caving community have not been as successful as hoped. They will be approached again.
4. Jim and Val Werker are coordinating publicity, and were left off the list distributed.
5. $10,000 in co-sponsorship funding has been obtained or pledged.
6. Four scholarships under the NCKMS Scholarship Program have been distributed.
7. Speakers are lined up
8. A day pass for Friday is planned.
a) Action: Cheryl Jones will convey this information to the NSS Board of Governors, who will be meeting the following Saturday in Phoenix.
9. Ron Kerbo facilitated the 2001 Symposium web site. Could the site be transferred to the NSS web server to facilitate on line registration?
a) Action: Ron Kerbo will follow up

IV. Old Business

A. None

V. New Business

A. Support for national Forum on Caves Gates:

Kerbo moved (on behalf of Curry): The NCKMS will provide $1,000 to Bat Conservation International to defray the registration costs for some of the speakers at the interactive Forum on Caves Gates that will be held in Austin Texas next spring.
??? Seconded
Motion passed: Unanimous

B. 2003 Symposium bids:

1. Ron Kerbo presented a bid for the NPS to host the Symposium at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Big Island), with the support of the Hawaiian Speleological Society. The focus will be on cultural and anthropological issues involved in managing caves and lava tubes. The symposium may bring attention to and support efforts in the state to create a state cave law.
a) Given Hawaii's location and cultural issues similar to those in Pacific Rim countries, the symposium would have an international focus.
b) Field trips to caves in the park
c) Since few cavers live in Hawaii, University of Hawaii will handle the logistics of the Symposium (for a fee)
d) A military camp may offer affordable lodging
e) Issues are air fare costs and logistics (few local cavers)
2. Steve Ormeroid, Chairman of the NSS Cave Diving Section presented a bid to host the Symposium in Florida, with the theme "Protecting the Aquifer in Karst Regions".
a) The purpose would be to provide a greater level of understanding in ground water management in karst regions, and to bring together various state and federal agencies to form stronger alliances.
b) Florida has a high concentration of karst regions in one of the most rapidly growing population areas in the country.
c) Logistic support would come from the NSS CDS, the National Association of Cave Divers, and the several NSS Grottos in the area.
d) The exact venue has not been determined, however there are several good options, with easy air access.
e) The symposium will attract an international component from Mexico, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.
3. Cheryl Jones reported that the Virginia Cave Conservancy and the West Virginia Cave Conservancy had been approached to submit a bid, but declined.
4. ??? moved: The selection of the 2003 Symposium hosts is postponed until the October Symposium with instructions to prospective hosts to make formal bid presentation to be included as a session at the 2001 Symposium.
??? seconded
Motion passed: Unanimous

C. Plaques and Awards.

Kerbo moved: The Chairman is authorized to issue a NCKMS Steering Committee Certificate of Appreciation to members leaving the Steering Committee and for significant contribution to the NCKMS at the recommendation of the symposium chairman.
McClure seconded.
Motion passed: Unanimous

D. Steering Committee Plans:

1. Jerry Trout will explore the costs and other details associated with creating a NCKMS brochure and permanent display, with the capability to be updated easily, for use to promote symposiums, and report to the Steering Committee at its October 2001 meeting. It is envisioned that the display would be set up at the NCKMS, NSS Conventions, and other events in which the Steering Committee members participate. It was suggested that it would be more cost effective to disseminate the information electronically rather than in brochure form.
2. The NCKMS should consider hosting a permanent web site, and tie down a domain name. Cheryl Jones will advertise for a web master to advise and follow through on the project
3. It was felt that it would be useful to schedule a Steering Committee planning session at the 2001 Symposium to discuss these and other committee visions for the future.

VI. Future Meetings

A. 2001 NCKMS

Tuesday evening, October 16
Inn Suites Hotel & Resort
Tucson, Arizona

VII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

Submitted by Cheryl Jones


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