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June 27th, 2000 Meeting Minutes  

June 27th, 2000
Dailey, West Virginia

Chairman Cheryl Jones called the meeting to order at 9:15 am. Cheryl announced that Lee Stevens would serve as recording secretary for the meeting.

I. Roll Call

Steering Committee Members:
Robert R. Currie - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USF&WS)
Jim Goodbar - Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
George Huppert - American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA)
Cheryl Jones - National Speleological Society (NSS)
Jim Kennedy - Bat Conservation International (BCI)
Jim Miller - U.S. Forest Service (USFS)
Gordon L. Smith, Jr. - National Caves Association (NCA)

Proxies: Tina Hall of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) for Gabby Call
Lindsay McClellan of the National Park Service (NPS) for Ronal Kerbo
Rick Olson of the Cave Research Foundation (CRF) for Roger McClure

Rane Curl - Karst Waters Institute (KWI)

Other Attendees:
Jim Borden - NSS
Jeanne Gurnee - NSS
David Hamer - EGI - Arizona
Phyllis Hamer - EGI - Arizona
John Hickman - Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCI)
David Jagnow - NSS Conservation Chairman
Bill Jones - KWI
Hazel Medville - NSS
Geary Schindel - SCCI, 1999 NCKMS
Pat Seiser - West Virginia University
Rob Stitt - NSS
Joanne Staley - Escabrosa Grotto - NSS
Paul Stevens - NSS
Fred Stone - Hawaii Community College
Janet Thorne - NSS
Jerry Trout - USFS
Sandy Trout - USFS

II. Approval of Minutes of the October, 1999 Meeting

Gordon Smith moved that the minutes of the October, 1999 NCKMS Steering Committee meeting be accepted as submitted. Jim Goodbar seconded

VOTE: Unanimously in favor

III. Reports

A. 1997 NCKMS: Financial Report and Proceedings - Rob Stitt - Attachment A
Rob gave an oral summary of his written report.

B. Steering Committee Financial Report - Cheryl Jones - Attachment B

C. 1999 NCKMS Financial Report and Proceedings - Mark Wolinsky - Attachment C
Geary Schindel and John Hickman of SCCI reported that 300 copies of the 1999 Symposium Proceedings would be printed. Copies will be sent to all 1999 Symposium attendees and the balance will be made available for purchase, possibly through the NSS Bookstore. In addition, a CD-ROM of the 1999 Proceedings will be available. Rob Stitt suggested that the 1997 Proceedings be included on the same CD.

D. 2001 NCKMS Progress Report - Jerry Trout - Attachment D
Jerry noted that the theme of the 2001 Symposium will be Desert Karst and the host of record will be the Coronado National Forest. Everyone was reminded that the NCKMS Steering Committee member organizations are the sponsors of the symposia and that other organizations can be co-sponsors. Rob Stitt recommended that the structure of the sponsorship policy be codified and published. Gordon Smith requested that NCA be added as a co-sponsor and Geary Schindel requested the Edwards Aquifer Authority also be included as a co-sponsor. Jim Kennedy said that BCI is planning a three-day bat conservation workshop in conjunction with the symposium. The three-day workshop will be scheduled either immediately prior to or following the symposium. Bob Currie requested that the Federal Agency Workshop during the symposium be well publicized in advance in order to allow federal personnel ample time to schedule attendance. Geary Schindel said that Mark Wolinsky, Chairman of the 1999 Symposium, is creating a "lessons learned" report to pass on to future symposia chairpersons. Geary said he would work with Mark to provide assistance to Jerry Trout.

E. 2003 NCKM Symposium
Cheryl Jones requested that everyone begin thinking about where the 2003 symposium should be held. The Hawaiian Islands and San Antonio, Texas were suggested.

IV. Old Business

A. Ad Hoc Committee on the Use of Surplus Funds for Scholarships to Support Attendance at National Cave Management Symposia

1 Committee Chairman Bob Currie reported that he had received written and verbal policy and procedure comments from members of the as hoc committee and others. He made the following recommendations:

a) The application and funding process should be as simple as possible.
b) There must be a mechanism for financial accountability. It was suggested that scholarship funds be given to the symposium host for disbursement. The host would be responsible for providing a detailed accounting to the NCKMS steering committee of how the money was spent.
c) Levels of financial aid could range from minimal (registration fees only) to full support (all expenses paid). It was noted that providing full support would reduce the number of scholarships available. Lindsay McClellan suggested a method to stretch available funds. The scholarship would cover hotel costs only and the symposium registration fees would be waived. Each scholarship recipient would pay is/her own transportation and food costs. It was the general consensus that this be the preferred mechanism to provide support.
d) Students, people new to cave management, new cave conservancy members, and federal and state employees involved in cave management would all be eligible to receive scholarships.
e) There was general agreement that expenses associated with volunteers who help run the symposium should be covered in the overall budget when determining symposium costs. All agreed that it was up to the symposium host to define different levels of support for their volunteers.
f) Rick Olson suggested that the symposium fee structure could be different for attendees vs those presenting papers. Again it was agreed to let the host decide.

B. Bob Currie said he would E-mail the scholarship application form to Cheryl Jones.

C. Jim Kennedy moved the approval of the scholarship program as outlines in the Attachment ____ to the meeting minutes of June 1999. Gordon Smith seconded.

VOTE: Unanimously in favor

V. New Business

A. Jones moved: The NCKMS Steering Committee Chair be budgeted $100.00 to cover miscellaneous administrative expenses (photocopying, phone, postage, etc.) for the year June 2000. Jim Kennedy seconded.

VOTE: Unanimously in favor

B. Jerry Trout requested that time be schedule in the next Steering Committee agenda to discuss the issue of NCKMS sponsorship of activities other than the symposia.

C. Bob Currie requested that agency workshops held during the NSS convention be publicized and advertised well in advance in order to allow federal and state agency personnel as well as others ample time to schedule attendance.

D. Geary Schindel asked if there is a national resource list available that would provide management information about cave and karst resources for agency personnel and cave owners. If no such list exists he suggested that one be created and posted on the WEB.

VI. Future Meetings

The next NCKMS Steering Committee meeting will be held at the NSS Convention on Tuesday, 24 July, 200, Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve, Rockcastle County, Kenutcky. For information: http://www.nss2001.org/history.html

VII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Lee Stevens
Recording Secretary pro tem


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